[A] Army slang

AKS-74u Soviet carbine (variant of AK-74 with folding stock)
Ball and chain Spouse (usually wife)
Bergan [A] Daysack
Blue Badge Disabled sticker
Bonnet Hood
Boot Trunk
Booties [A] Marines (Royal Navy)
Browning Hi-Power Single-action semi-automatic pistol
Butty Sandwich
Camelbak Water bladder
CBA [A] Combat body armour
Chiappa Rhino 6 shot revolver using .357 Magnum cartridges
Chugger Charity mugger, employed to raise money for charities
Cofftea [A] A hot drink resembling neither tea or coffee
Compo [A] Rations
Counter (kitchen) Worktop
CP [A] Close Protection
Dragon skin Ballistic vest
DSS Department of Social Security
FA Football Association
Fish and Chips [A] Fighting In Someone’s House and Causing Havoc In Public Spaces
Flat Apartment
Football Soccer (the game you actually play with your feet ;) )
Funpub Themed drinking establishment, often caters for children
Gash [A] Rubbish
Gat [A] Gun
Gucci [A] Better than standard issue kit
Hob Stove
Indicator (car) Signal
Jap hat [A] Peaked cap
Jimpy [A] General purpose machine gun (aka GPMG / gympy)
Lorry Truck
Magged [A] Mag to grid – get rid
Matelot Sailor
Mobile Cellphone
MP-443 Russian double-action semi-automatic pistol
Nobs Nobility (English upper class)
Nonce Sex offender
Number One Dress Uniform British Army ceremonial uniform
Off-Licence Liquor store
Pasty Pastry filled with meat and/ or vegetables
Pavement Sidewalk
Petrol Gas
Phase 1 (&2) Initial training to become a soldier
Plod Police
PT Physical Therapist
Rubbish Trash
Rupert [A] Officer
SA-80 British bullpup assault rifle
Sangar [A] Guard post
SEAL US Navy special forces
Septics [A] Americans (septic tank – Yank)
Single / double yellows Parking restrictions, limited / no parking
Sneaky-beakys [A] Special forces e.g. SAS
Squaddie [A] Soldier
Stag [A] Sentry duty
Tab [A] A (x) mile run
Tom [A} Soldier (Tommy Atkins)
Totty Good looking person (usually female)
Warden (traffic) Parking enforcement officer
Windscreen Windshield